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The Human Factor in A/E/C Communication is Timeless

It’s just a fad. 

That’s what people and business analysts said 20 years ago when social media started to take off. 

None of us has a crystal ball around how we’ll interact, connect, and communicate in the next 20 years. 

That’s why it’s so freakin’ important NOT to leave behind the timeless forms of human-to-human communication:

-Being curious 

-Giving others the gift of your attention 

-Asking meaningful questions and genuinely listening 

-Using stories to connect emotionally with people 

-Developing charisma so others feel comfortable around you

It’s impossible to replace these five qualities with technology. They certainly aren’t fads

It is absolutely possible to learn these skills and live a more fulfilling life—at work and home. 

Reach out if you want to finetune your communication, leadership, and business relationships. 

A/E/C teams that want to help grow firms and their careers need...

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How Many Questions Do You Ask in Shortlisted Meetings?

You don't have to ask more questions to close more A/E/C projects.

You have to ask better questions.

How you gather information during a presentation will differentiate your firm in shortlist interviews.

Oh, and don't forget to listen to the responses.

Quality questions bring quality information.

They also result in higher-level conversations and trust.

And more clients.

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A/E/C Wins Bid Packages with This 1 Quality

When do you feel the most confident?

When you know in your heart you've prepared and are ready. 

You FEEL self-assured and skilled at what you do.

You trust yourself at a deep core level. 

Forget the business adage that feelings don't belong in the office.

You have to consider how you physically feel when you think about:

With physical tightness, anxiety, or a headache, you're not ready. 

You can't be confident and win bids when you don't feel secure and strong. 

Architects, engineers, and construction pros win bid packages by preparing their data.

And their mindsets.

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Crushing Sales Presentations Requires This 1 Thing

Forget the kitchen sink. 

Prospects want essential and compelling data. 

And a story to make the (dry) data come alive.

You prepare with your Business Development team DAYS ahead of your shortlisted interview. Maybe even a week (gasp!) 

Scrambling to prepare hours before your meeting won't work well. 

There's too much on the line.  

And you never, ever "wing" any part of your A/E/C presentation. 

  • You and your colleagues know who will speak and what they'll say. 
  • You have a point person who can course-correct when prospects look bored or confused. #Readtheroom
  • You value the preparation process so that you boldly show up and win trust and new projects. 

Strong communicators give themselves the space and grace necessary to succeed.

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3 Soft Skills Needed to Grow Business

Soft skills can be hard to learn, especially if you're analytical and logical. These left-brain thinkers have careers in science, math, and the trades.

Many work in architecture, engineering, and construction.

A lack of communication and people skills translates into lost revenue and relationships.

This week, I was featured on The article covers leadership and the three essential soft skills for business growth.

Storytelling is one of the communication tactics I talk about.

Read the post here for all three tips.

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