Masterful Communication for Today’s Architects  

Clarity, Confidence, and Creativity that Close Shortlisted Interviews

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Architects thrive on visuals, blueprints, and aerial images. 

But busy decision-makers dislike overpacked design slides in PowerPoint and nervous experts. 

Here’s the solution: Blend the right words and engaging images to differentiate and show value.

Your firm will build trust so all parties have clear expectations on deliverables, resources, and project teams.   

It's much easier to win bids than churn and chase money. 

Architects and designers who want to lead must fine-tune their communication. Many say they haven’t had any training since 2015. (Yikes!)

That’s why I created Amplify.  

A/E/C Pros Know How to Build a Room.
Now, They Can READ a Room and Help Grow Business!


Team Benefits:

  • Give leaders effective communication skills so they contribute to company growth.
  • Provide new-age storytelling strategies that impact client communication.  
  • Sharpen deep listening skills for networking and shortlisted meetings. 
  • Practice with mock interviews to feel fully prepared + show value to RFP teams.
  • Save time + money with immediate access to 40 years of my curated resources.
  • Provide psychological safety with live coaching in a comfortable space.   

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First, we’ll have a live kick-off, in person or online. Then, students access 9 lessons (a new 30-minute video drops on Fridays.)

Plus, you get 9 live group coaching calls. One-hour of hot seats, success shares, and Q&A.

Every 4th week is for Integration.

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  • Watch leaders add to profits with more efficient communication + workflows.
  • Provide new-age storytelling + sales strategies that attract repeat clients.
  • Build trust + show leadership with deep listening skills + powerful questions.
  • Help teams proudly evolve in mock interviews so they feel clear + confident.
  • Save time with immediate access to 40 years of my curated resources. 
  • Provide psychological safety with live coaching in a comfortable space.
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Heather Blazi

Principal, Marketing, Pfluger Architects

So grateful for Amplify!

We closed three of three interviews when we started working with Susan. And we continue to keep improving.

Susan has been an incredible coach and sounding board. She guides us to effectively communicate our stories, passions, and expertise.

Somehow, each week’s lesson aligned with what I’m working on or needed to hear.

Thank you, Sue, for bringing the stories out of me in the best way possible.

Garrett McCullough

President-Elect, SMPS - San Antonio Chapter

Susan's presentation to SMPS – San Antonio on closing short list interviews was a game-changer.

Her expertise provided transformative communication principles for marketers and business developers to implement within their firms.

Her insights will undoubtedly lead to new levels of success in engaging clients and closing deals. 

Nancy Ostin, CAE

Director, IEEE-HKN

Susan Young's session, ‘Amplify Your Online Presence to Build Your Confidence, Credibility, and Career,’ was a highlight of our 2023 Pathways to Industry Conference. 

Susan is an excellent speaker and has provided actionable and powerful advice on how to show up and speak up for new graduates and emerging leaders!

We had great feedback and look forward to having her at a future event.