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AEC Sales Presentations Need Outstanding Communication, Not Golf Balls

Business development and sales tip for A/E/C leaders: 

Golf lessons don't replace communication training. 

I talked recently with Jeff Sample, a new friend and entrepreneur. We chatted about leadership and mindset.  

Sure, business deals happen on golf courses.

Jeff told me about an AEC firm paying for engineers' golf lessons.

No. No. No.

Successful Seller Doer meetings demand clear, relatable presentations peppered with storytelling. 

No golf balls or lessons necessary.

Prospects expect you to connect the dots and differentiate your firm from others. 

Architects, engineers, and construction pros don't learn this on the back 9. 

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Paying Attention to What's Keeping You Stuck


We all get stuck from time to time. 

Usually, from my experience, we get stuck in our own heads.

We get in our own way. 

In this 1 minute video, I'll show you how to break the habit so you can reach whatever goal you're wanting. 

Click to watch the video.

And reach out if you want the step-by-step process so you can truly claim your power!  



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Tired of Low Productivity and Miscommunication? Do This.

Work with a sense of urgency.

High achievers do it all the time. 

What about having a sense of urgency to improve communication skills? 

Not technology tools. I'm talking about interpersonal relationships. 

There's been a flurry of posts and infographics about communication in today's workplace.

The suggestions include: 

  • Don't complain
  • Be assertive and empathetic 
  • Be a team player 

These recommendations are covered in cobwebs and dust. 

Hello, 2023. 

Too many industries work with a sense of urgency around technology and equipment.

But problems arise when human communication is not a priority.  

Most employees don't know the new brain science and psychology behind our communication. 

Yes, there are legit concerns about people skills. 

First, though, we must have high levels of self-awareness. 

Internal communication and narratives have to shift. As you clear out limiting beliefs, interacting with others is much...

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Showing Up Big or Shrinking Back? Read This to Figure It Out

Showing up.

Are you full-on in or farting around? 

Showing up in a big, bold way every single day may sound demanding.

It's certainly not for the mediocre. 

Leaders and entrepreneurs who show up big rarely flinch at doing the work. They have a continuous improvement plan for their professional and personal growth.

It reaps big rewards.  

Showing up big and adding value every step of the way isn't about being a blustery blowhard.

Successful leaders have humility.

They don't need to be the center of attention to have a presence.

Their simplicity and modesty are enough.   

When we commit to excellence, we can bring immeasurable value to others.

Businesses grow. People develop. Things get done with ease. 

Here are 3 ways to add value to your work, clients, and life:  

1. Anticipate; don’t react. Adding value to client relationships is obsolete. You've gotta consistently add IMMENSE value. This means you study,...

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I Just Want to Sound Like Me


Famous last words: I just want to sound like me.

...But no one buys, my podcast audience has 4 listeners, I feel invisible...

I got ya.

The easiest way to improve your communication, grow your business, and feel more confident is with BS: Baby Steps.

The best part: You'll always stay true to yourself. Watch the quick video here.

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Listening Requires This 1 Thing

Did you know the words LISTEN and SILENT are an anagram?

The same letters in a different order.

You can't listen with your mouth open.

Shut your mouth.

Then your mind (and heart) will open.

Listen intently so you don't miss the small details.

Have deeper connections.

Beat the competition.

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Why You Shouldn't Be Exhibiting at Conferences

Remember wallpaper? 

It was a "thing" back in the day. 

And people would say: "Don't blend in with the wallpaper."

Translation: Stand out, get noticed, and be visible.

Don't be a wallflower. 

Blending in makes us feel invisible, ordinary, and maybe even dull.

It repels people and opportunities. It happens every day online. 

And at conferences. Most people don't seem to mind blending in at industry events.  

This week, I saw a few people I know posting pictures of themselves exhibiting at a trade expo. 

Some of the posts were from past coaching clients. 

They are REALLY good at what they do.

They know their sh*t.

They work hard and often exceed their goals. 

Why spend time in a booth when you could speak at a workshop down the hall?

To a captive audience who wants to learn from you. And maybe hire you.

Do you see yourself in an endless row of vendors trying to muster up conversations while handing out candy and...

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Be More Conversational and Build Connections with this Communication Tip


People have been asking how they can sound more conversational, not scripted on...

  • Sales calls
  • Podcasts (hosts and guests)
  • Videos and interviews

I've interviewed more than 6,000 people during my radio and communications career.

Learn the secret in this 3-minute video.

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The Christmas Story You May Not Know

There's nothing better than a heartwarming holiday story.

Here's one you may not have heard before.

It's from Jackie Gleason.

He portrayed Brooklyn bus driver Ralph Kramden on the 1950s TV show, "The Honeymooners." It's always been one of my favorite shows and holiday stories...

"You know something, sweetheart? Christmas is… well, it’s about the best time of the whole year.

When you walk down the streets, even for weeks before Christmas comes, and there’s lights hanging up, green ones and red ones, sometimes there’s snow and everyone’s hustling some place.

But they don’t hustle around Christmastime like they usually do.

You know, they’re a little more friendlier… they bump into you, they laugh and they say, “Pardon me. Merry Christmas”… especially when it gets real close to Christmas night.

Everybody’s walking home, you can hardly hear a sound. Bells are ringin’, kids are singing, the snow is...

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It's Curiosity that Converts Prospects

We create content.

We build funnels.

We set up systems.

We write marketing and business plans.

But do you know how to create curiosity and become known?

Curiosity is a soft skill that most people miss.

Exceptional communicators and sales pros don’t focus on stuffy scripts.

No one needs more jargon.

We crave intrigue and desire.

Gary Vaynerchuk agrees.  

When you post something that grabs (and keeps) someone's attention, you've intrigued them.

They want to know more.

You get them:

Thinking (not confused)




Curiosity moves conversations forward.

You planted the seed.

They look at your website or Insta profile.

Maybe they subscribe to your newsletter.

You get points if they share your post.

You create a buzz around you and your brand.

This happens when you make people curious.

It rarely happens when you ask "open-ended questions” and grovel hoping you'll close a prospect.

For f**k's sake.

I approach every conversation—sales or...

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