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Developing Employees Requires Engaging Them

Almost everyone in A/E/C is on a leadership and succession planning kick.

Employee acquisition and retention in our ongoing labor shortage poses unique challenges.

Interestingly, the challenges all circle back to communication.

YOUR communication.

We're often quick to pass the buck to our post-COVID world.

Or to Gen Z and their phone addictions.

Or to TikTok influencers and goofball memes.

Look, no one is to "blame" for the industry's struggles with interpersonal communication.

It's time to take ownership of our collective responsibility so we can all do better.

Like a drone, business and personal growth requires us to see the big picture.

This framework will get you started:

  • Exploring: Thousands of years ago, curious cave dwellers went on daily quests to find food. The word "quest" is the root of questions.

Are you asking yourself the right questions to uncover the root of what your team really needs? 

Are conversations and meetings nourishing and...

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How Your Teams' Communication Impacts Profits

School construction is a huge revenue source for many of my A/E/C clients.

You don't have to design and build schools to know the value of learning.

Taking time to develop new skills to grow your firm is a no-brainer.

Consider networking, for example.

Many of my coaching clients tell me they go to industry events without an intention or introduction.

They say they stink at small talk.

You can guess what happens next.

They return to the office feeling unproductive and overwhelmed.

You could have, would have, or should have been working on a bid package. Maybe you could have finalized new sub schedules.

The networking was a bust, even though your ideal clients were there.

Lost revenue and opportunities hurt.

I coach and teach strategic networking.

Project managers, supervisors, estimators, and others I coach are fortunate that principals know communication directly impacts profits.

The beauty is that the same people skills apply to BD presentations.

Here's the...

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